Features & Benefits

  1. Wedge for added patient comfort
  2. SWL 500kg
  3. Multi layered flat lifting device
  4. 10 TPU handles for to enable better posture in movement
  5. Easy to inflate and deflate
  6. No removable parts
  7. Made and Serviced in the UK
  8. Wipeable Safety Strap and Buckle
  9. Wipeable Ladder Handles

Product Support

Support Documents

Support Video

Rollboard And Slide Sheet Transfer Onto Flojac

Flo Transfer Onto Flojac

FloJac Inflation With Flo Underneath

Bringing In The Bed

Flo Lateral Transfer From Flojac

Wedge Inflation

Flo Lateral Transfer From Flojac

Wedge Inflation

Opening Valve

Product Codes

Product Code Declared Use Product Description Unit of Sale NHSSC
B-FloJac39Reusable Air Assisted DeviceBanana, Air Assisted Device, Flojac, Reusable 39"" Wide (99cm)1

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