Patient Suction Consumables

GBUK Healthcare provides crucial Patient Suction Consumables, featuring key products Tender Tip and Yankauer. These meticulously designed items ensure effective and safe suction procedures in healthcare settings. Trust GBUK Healthcare for high-quality consumables that prioritise patient well-being in the UK.

Oral Care Catheters

Oral Care Catheters

Sample Collection Mucus Extractor

Sample Collection

CareTip Rigid Yankauer

CareTip™ Rigid Yankauer

CareTip Flexible Yankauer

CareTip™ Flexible Yankauer

72Hr Closed Suction Catheters

TenderTip 72 h

TenderTip 24Hr Adult Closed Suction Catheters

TenderTip 24h Adult

TenderTip 24h Paediatric Neonatal Closed Suction Catheter

TenderTip 24h Closed Suction Catheter – Neonatal & Paediatric

TenderTip Open Suction Catheters