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Packaging Symbols

Symbols used on the packaging and labelling of GBUK products. All GBUK products are marked with internationally recognised and approved symbols. These indicate key information about manufacturing and product expiry dates, standards compliance and optimum storage conditions.

Title of symbol
Authorized representative in the European Community
Date of manufacture
Use-by date
Batch code
Catalogue number
Serial number
Sterilized using aseptic processing techniques
Sterilized using ethylene oxide
Sterilized using irradiation
Sterilized using steam or dry heat
Single sterile barrier system
Double sterile barrier system
Single sterile barrier system with protective packaging inside
Single sterile barrier system with protective packaging outside
Do not resterilize
Do not use if package is damaged
Sterile fluid path
Fragile, handle with care
Keep away from sunlight
Protect from heat and radioactive sources
Keep dry
Lower limit of temperature
Upper limit of temperature
Temperature limit
Title of symbol
Humidity limitation
Atmospheric pressure limitation
Biological risks
Do not re-use
Consult instructions for use
Contains or presence of natural rubber latex
In vitro diagnostic medical device
Negative control
Positive control
Contains sufficient for ‘n’ tests
For IVD performance evaluation only
Sampling site
Fluid path
Drops per millilitre
Liquid filter with pore size
One-way valve
Patient number
Medical device