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Elevating Patient Evacuations: A Pinnacle Journey with Advanced Techniques

Elevating Patient Evacuations: A Pinnacle Journey with Advanced Techniques 344 344 marketing

In the field of patient care, prioritising a graceful and dignified evacuation process stands as a fundamental necessity.

Our team are dedicated to ensuring the well-being, safety, and dignity of our patients, employs state-of-the-art techniques and specialised equipment to orchestrate a seamless transition. Join us on this transformative journey as we shine a spotlight on innovative tools, such as the FloJac, Banana Slide Sheets, and Lateral Boards, that redefine the evacuation experience.

A Pioneering Approach to Risk Assessment: Every successful evacuation commences with an exhaustive risk assessment. Our team meticulously scrutinises potential challenges, tailoring the evacuation plan to suit the unique needs of each patient. This meticulous initial step lays the groundwork for a carefully coordinated and efficient process.

Cutting-Edge Techniques Unveiled: Taking centre stage in our evacuation procedures is the revolutionary FloJac—a device that redefines patient care. Its innovative design facilitates gentle and controlled movement, minimising discomfort and ensuring the utmost safety. This advanced technology transforms the evacuation experience, delivering a profound impact on both patients and caregivers alike.

Banana Slide Sheets: Redefining Comfort and Control: Our commitment to patient comfort is exemplified by the utilisation of Banana Slide Sheets. Specifically crafted, these sheets facilitate smooth and controlled movements, effectively reducing friction and enhancing the overall evacuation process. Playing a pivotal role in preserving dignity, Banana Slide Sheets ensure a positive experience for patients with diverse needs.

Lateral Boards for Precision Transitions: Precision is paramount during evacuations, and lateral boards emerge as indispensable tools for achieving seamless transitions. These boards assist in moving patients with care and accuracy, addressing the unique challenges presented by various evacuation scenarios. The proficiency of our team in utilising lateral boards guarantees that each patient undergoes a dignified and secure evacuation.

Patient-Centric Excellence: Throughout the evacuation process, our unwavering focus on the patient remains resolute. The use of specialised equipment aligns seamlessly with our commitment to providing personalised and compassionate care. Every action is guided by the principles of dignity, ensuring that each patient feels profoundly valued and supported during the entire evacuation journey.

From the systematic risk assessment to the final steps of a patient’s evacuation, our dedicated team employs cutting-edge techniques and specialised equipment to redefine the entire experience. The use of the FloJac, Banana Slide Sheets, and Lateral Boards underscores our unwavering commitment to ensuring patient comfort, safety, and dignity. As we navigate the intricacies of evacuations, the overarching goal remains crystal clear: to provide a seamless and dignified experience for every patient.

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A&M Capital Europe Announces Majority Investment in GBUK Group

A&M Capital Europe Announces Majority Investment in GBUK Group 344 344 admin

A&M Capital Europe Announces Majority Investment in GBUK Group

January 9, 2024 – A&M Capital Europe (“AMCE”), a London-based middle-market private equity investment firm with €650 million of assets under management, announces the acquisition of a majority stake in GBUK Group (the “Company”), a leading global provider of specialist single-use medical devices, from H2 Equity Partners (“H2EP”).

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, GBUK designs, develops and distributes a comprehensive portfolio of own and third-party branded acute-setting medical devices across enteral feeding, vascular access, patient handling and the broader critical care environment. The Company is a top 20 supplier to the UK National Health Service (“NHS”) and supports healthcare professionals and patients in over 45 countries with more than 600,000 medical devices daily. GBUK has demonstrated a track record of penetrating new care areas by leveraging its R&D capabilities and a high-touch sales model hinging on wrap-around services.

The partnership with AMCE is expected to enable GBUK to enhance patient care further and drive the innovation required to support the evolving needs of patients and healthcare providers. Leveraging GBUK’s intimate understanding of patient needs, new product development expertise and global supply-chain capabilities, the Company is well-positioned to continue delivering on this mission and support patients globally.

Additionally, with AMCE’s support, GBUK intends to pursue bolt-on acquisitions, focusing primarily on proprietary medical device specialists in the United Kingdom and broader European and North American markets.

GBUK will continue under the leadership of its existing management team, led by CEO Mike Geering, with Mike and his team investing alongside AMCE.

AMCE was advised by Weil, Gotshal & Manges as legal adviser, Houlihan Lokey as financial adviser, MDW Capital Partners as debt adviser, Boston Consulting Group as commercial adviser, Alvarez & Marsal as accounting and operational adviser, and EY as tax adviser.

About A&M Capital Europe

AMCE is a London-headquartered, middle-market private equity investment firm specialising in building pan-European platform companies through buy-and-build in the middle market. AMCE Fund I currently has €650 million of assets under management, and GBUK represents AMCE’s seventeenth transaction. More broadly, AMCE is part of A&M Capital, a multi-strategy private equity investment firm with ~€4.8 billion in assets under management across four investment strategies. In addition, A&M Capital maintains a strategic association with Alvarez & Marsal, one of the world’s largest operationally focused advisory firms. For additional information, please visit A&M Capital Europe’s website at