Enteral Feeding Product Categories

High-Quality Enteral Feeding Devices for Optimal Patient Nutrition

Ensure optimal patient nutrition with our high-quality enteral feeding products, including feeding tubes, syringes, drainage bags, Enteral pH paper and full range of accessories.

Our enteral feeding products are designed for ease of use, reliability and safety, and are ideal for healthcare professionals in hospitals, long-term care facilities and home healthcare settings. In addition to our brochure below, our enteral product categories are here in full detail.

Feeding Tubes

Feeding Tubes Explore GBUK Enteral’s extensive range of feeding tubes, including Nutricare (Nasogastric and Nasojejunal), Nutricare Y-Port, Nutricare Flo, Nutricare Infant Clear, Carefeed, and Ryles Tubes. These meticulously designed products [...]

Gastrostomy & Jejunostomy

Gastrostomy & Jejunostomy Gastrostomy and jejunostomy are a vital part of our enteral feeding products, providing crucial solutions for direct enteral access. These precision-engineered devices ensure reliable and safe administration [...]

Drainage & Venting

Drainage & Venting Within our Enteral Feeding product range is our Drainage & Venting solutions, used for gastric drainage and the venting of gastric gasses. Our range includes EVA Drainage [...]

Enteral Syringes

Enteral Syringes GBUK Enteral offers a range of single-use Enteral syringes, designed for individual patient use. This includes oral syringes and syringes with amber barrels, ensuring precise and safe administration [...]


pH GBUK Enteral presents a comprehensive range of pH analysis products including pH Readers, Printer Paper, Buffer Solutions, and Indicator Strips (pH 2-9). Designed for accuracy, these essential tools ensure [...]


Accessories Ensure optimal patient nutrition with our high-quality enteral feeding products, including feeding tubes, syringes, drainage bags, Enteral pH paper and full range of accessories. Our products are designed for [...]


Lancet GBUK Enteral delivers premium heel and finger lancets, designed with precision for safe and efficient blood sampling. These meticulously crafted devices ensure comfort and accuracy in clinical settings. GBUK [...]

Infant Feeding & Breastfeeding Accessories

Infant Feeding & Breastfeeding Accessories GBUK Enteral provides a comprehensive range of high-quality infant feeding and breastfeeding accessories. Meticulously crafted, these products are tailored for optimum comfort and safety. From [...]

Silicone Pessaries & Gynaecology

Silicone Pessaries & Gynaecology GBUK Enteral offers a range of Silicone Pessaries and Gynaecology products, including the Peltec Ring, Peltec Ring with Support, and Peltec Gellhorn. These meticulously designed solutions [...]

Faecal Management

Faecal Management GBUK Enteral offers a diverse range of Faecal Management solutions, including the Qora® AEON Management Kit, and Faecal Collection ONE System. These carefully designed systems cater to various [...]

Chyme Reinfusion

Chyme Reinfusion The Insides System is a medical device, which allows you to perform Chyme Reinfusion into the distal bowel, using a closed system. This device is used for enterostomy [...]

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