Gastrostomy & Jejunostomy

Gastrostomy and jejunostomy are a vital part of our enteral feeding products, providing crucial solutions for direct enteral access. These precision-engineered devices ensure reliable and safe administration of nutrition and medications.

Guidewire Compatible Button Introducer

The Guidewire Compatible Button Introducer is intended to assist with insertion of Mini devices over a wire. View our Gastrostomy & Jejunostomy devices

Capsule Monarch® G-Tube Replacement Connectors

Capsule Monarch® G-Tube Replacement Connectors with ENFit® Single-Port Adaptor. View our Gastrostomy & Jejunostomy devices


Stoma Plugs. DEHP & latex free Soft silicone material


CINCH® Tube Securement Device. The reusable elastomer strap can be repeatedly opened and closed Breathable backing Secures tubes 4Fr to 30Fr Comfortable, soft, low-profile, flexible

Dilator Kit

Dilator Kits.

I.P. Kit

Comprehensive I.P. Kit

MiniONE Feed Sets

8-Feeding Sets. Sets are also used for Jejunal feeding with the AMT G-Jet

Mini Feed Sets

6-Feeding Sets (Mini Feed Sets). Are also used for Gastrostomy venting with the AMT G-Jet Come with a tethered cap Our feed sets are also available for the MiniONE Feed […]

Stoma Measuring

The Importance of Measuring. Accurately measuring the stoma length is critical when placing and/or replacing a low profile percutaneous enteral feeding device.

Button Introducer

Button Introducer Intended to assist with insertion of Mini devices

Capsule Monarch G-Tube®

Capsule Monarch G-Tube® The Capsule Monarch G-Tube reduces time, cost and the inconvenience associated with balloon failure. The Capsule Monarch design dramatically reduces discomfort during insertion Long life (no balloon [...]


The G-Pak contains everything you need for a Gastrostomy change in one easy-to-use pack

G7 Pack

G7 Pack What is a G7 Pack? A G7 pack is a Balloon G-Tube with a G-Pak that contains everything you need for a Gastrostomy change in one easy-to-use pack [...]

Balloon G-Tube®

Comfort and Security. An adjustable balloon ENFit 80369-3 feeding port Apple shaped balloon

Traditional G-JET

The G-JET® you trust, now offered in traditional length.

Micro G-JET

Micro G-JET AMT is changing the standard of care for paediatric patients with the Micro G-JET®. Paediatric Size For 6KG and above Customisable Balloon Fewer leaks and greater comfort Easier [...]


Low-Profile Gastric and Jejunal Balloon Feeding Tube.

Removal Devices

Removal Devices.

MiniONE® Non-Balloon

MiniONE® Non-Balloon Low Profile Capsule Non-Balloon Button. No balloon to fail Removal tool distends bolster to a smaller profile The Internal bolster is smaller than a balloon (less likely to [...]

Mini ONE® E7-M1

Mini ONE® E7-M1 What is an E7-M1? The pack includes: A single MiniONE Balloon Button with a 5ml syringe & size specific introducer, G-Pak, and 1 x 12” right angle [...]

Mini ONE® SM1-5

What is an SM1-5? A single MiniONE balloon button with a 5ml syringe and size specific introducer

Mini™ Classic E7

What is an E7? A single mini classic balloon button with a 5ml syringe, right angle ENFit feed set and a G-Pak

Mini™ Classic E5

What is an E5? A single mini classic balloon button with a 5ml syringe

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