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Surgical & Critical Care Product Categories

Advanced Critical and Surgical Care Devices for Improved Patient Outcomes

Advanced Critical and Surgical Care Devices for Improved Patient Outcomes

Our products are not only high-quality but also user-friendly, reliable, and built to last. Tailored for healthcare professionals across various settings, our devices aim to make a positive impact on patient care. Have a look through the brochure below, and delve into our complete range of healthcare product categories for detailed insights.

Suction & Fluid Management

Suction & Fluid Management GBUK Healthcare excels in Suction & Fluid Management, featuring key products like Serres and Serres Nemo. Meticulously designed, these solutions ensure effective suction and fluid control [...]

Patient Suction Consumables

Patient Suction Consumables GBUK Healthcare provides crucial Patient Suction Consumables, featuring key products Tender Tip and Yankauer. These meticulously designed items ensure effective and safe suction procedures in healthcare settings. [...]


Urology GBUK Healthcare leads in Urology, providing a range of top-quality products for urinary care. The key product, Urimeter 500, exemplifies our commitment to precise and reliable urological solutions. Trust [...]

Wound Drainage

Wound Drainage GBUK Healthcare excels in Wound Drainage, offering key products including Fluted Drains, High Vacuum Systems, Generic Drains, Thoracic Drains, and Bellows Systems. Meticulously designed, these solutions ensure effective [...]

Chest Drainage

Chest Drainage GBUK Healthcare specialises in Chest Drainage, featuring the essential Chest Drainage System and Tubing Set. This meticulously designed solution with an 1800ml capacity and 500ml priming volume ensures [...]


NRFit GBUK Healthcare is dedicated to NRFit products, offering an array of specialised solutions tailored for neuraxial procedures, including the indispensable NRFit Chest Drainage System. Our meticulously crafted offerings guarantee [...]

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Blood Pressure Monitoring GBUK Healthcare specialises in Blood Pressure Monitoring, featuring the reusable, single patient use and neonatal cuffs. These are colour-coded for easy identification while all Bio-Cuff designs feature [...]

Camera Covers

Camera Covers GBUK Healthcare provides top-quality Camera Covers, featuring key products like OptiGuard Camera Covers, QuickChange Arthro, QuickChange Pro, QuickChange, and Access. Meticulously designed, these covers ensure hygiene and protection [...]

Pain Management

Pain Management GBUK Healthcare excels in Pain Management, offering key products like AutoSelector, AutoFuser, AutoFiller, AutoPC, and Catheter Set. These meticulously designed solutions ensure effective pain relief. Trust GBUK Healthcare [...]

Patient Temperature Management

Patient Temperature Management GBUK Healthcare leads in Patient Warming, featuring key products like the IOB Warming Unit and IOB Warming Blanket. These meticulously designed solutions ensure patient comfort and maintain [...]

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