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Suction & Fluid Management

GBUK Healthcare excels in Suction & Fluid Management, featuring key products like Serres and Serres Nemo. Meticulously designed, these solutions ensure effective suction and fluid control in healthcare settings. Trust GBUK Healthcare for high-quality products that prioritise patient well-being in the UK.

Suction Canisters

Reusable Serres canisters rarely need replacing, as they are extremely durable. Suction Canisters, Transparent Transparent canister with wide scale allows for a clear view of suctioned liquid.

Suction Bags

Designed to provide the highest performance and ease of use, Serres Suction Bags are available in 1000ml, 2000ml and 3000ml sizes. Standard Serres Suction Bags Folded Serres Suction Bags Suction […]

Serres Transport Box

Serres suction bags are foldable to fit up to four times more bags into a transport box compared to similar products on the market, leading Serres to more efficient transport […]

Serres Nemo

Serres Nemo fluid disposal equipment for Serres suction bags promotes safer, smarter and more cost efficient fluid management in hospitals, creating value disposal-by-disposal. Serres Nemo is designed for on-site disposal […]

Tubing Set & Suction Liner

The Serres Tubing Set & Suction Liner: Female-female for standard yankauers & tips (inside diameter of connector 11mm). Our tubing set & suction liner is only one part of our […]

Adaptors & Holders

Adaptors & Holders – Serres Canisters can be installed with adapters to most 3rd-party wall brackets. See our other Suction & Fluid Management devices


Serres brackets are designed to hold Suction canisters in all possible situations: wall, rail, table and bed.

Accessories for Serres Suction System

Accessories for Serres Suction System All accessories are compatible with Serres suction bags and are easy and fast to connect Collection cup is designed for collecting particles from the suctioned […]

Trolleys & Accessories

Serres Trolleys are light and convenient to move and hold up to 12 canisters plus two accessories. The accessories include: control valve, control valve plug, canister holder and vacuum shift […]

Serial Connection for large volumes

Serres suction bags are easily connected in a serial chain for maximum suction capacity using the serial connection tubing.

Solidifying Agent

The Serres solidifying agent ensures safe handling of fluid waste, minimising risk of spillage or contact with potentially infectious fluid waste.

Suction Canister Valves

Suction Canister Valves: for Serres Canisters Serres valve is used to open and close suction when the smoke filter is used On-off valve can be used to open and close […]

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