Serres Nemo

Serres Nemo

Serres Nemo fluid disposal equipment for Serres suction bags promotes safer, smarter and more cost efficient fluid management in hospitals, creating value disposal-by-disposal. Serres Nemo is designed for on-site disposal of fluid medical waste.

As waste disposal costs apply only to empty suction bags rather than fluid waste, hospitals benefit from up to 97% cost savings*. From a hygiene point of view, Serres Nemo cleans up the whole process by minimising risk of contamination.


Available in the UK

Available in the UK

Nor Available Internationally

Not available Internationally

Not Available in the USA

Not available in the USA

Step 1: Efficient Transport

Load the Serres Trolley-for-liners with used suction bags and push the trolley to the sluice room. With the Serres Trolley-for-liners you can comfortably transport up to 36 kg of suction bags securely to Nemo for disposal. The 360° wheel control and narrow design of the trolley enables easy handling of even high weight loads.

Step 2: Emptying Made Safe

Insert the capped Serres suction bag into Serres Nemo. Close the lid with a safe click and press play. In 18 seconds the fluid waste has been flushed away.

Step 3: Disposal Made Easy

Remove the cleaned and rinsed Serres suction bag from Serres Nemo, and dispose the empty suction liner in accordance with your facility’s waste disposal guidelines.

Serres Nemo is a new way of disposing fluid hospital waste. It is used for emptying the Serres suction bag’s content into the sewer. Serres Nemo is designed to be used exclusively with standard Serres suction bags of 2000ml and 3000ml in volume.

The operation of the Serres Nemo fluid waste disposal equipment is simple. Serres Nemo empties and rinses the content of the Serres suction bag into the sewer system using the water nozzle in the Serres Nemo which penetrates the suction bag lid, while the water pressure punctures and rinses the suction bag. The Serres Nemo, allows you to empty 2 and 3 litre Serres Suction Bags into the sewage with minimal effort, making the whole process more hygienic and cost effective. Waste disposal costs only apply to empty suction bags rather than all the fluid waste, resulting in up to 97% cost savings in fluid hospital waste disposal.

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* For a thorough understanding of the cost benefits to your trust, please contact us on 01757 288 587 and a local representative will be happy to meet and talk you through the process.

Product Brochure

Product Codes

SizeProduct DescriptionUOIProduct CodeNHSSC
H:1010–1060mm; W:330mm; D:630–730mmSerres Nemo Suction & Fluid Management H:1010–1060mm; W:330mm; D:630–730mm16001269TBC
0Serres Nemo Aerator Suction & Fluid Management 16003191TBC
0Serres Nemo CB, Documents EN Suction & Fluid Management 16003185TBC
0Serres Nemo Connecting Hose Suction & Fluid Management 15798718TBC
0Serres Nemo Connecting Hose for the Stinger Suction & Fluid Management 15798709TBC
0Serres Nemo Cover Assembly Suction & Fluid Management 15798717TBC
0Serres Nemo Cover Cable Suction & Fluid Management 15798724TBC
0Serres Nemo Dirt Strainer 35.4001.0 Suction & Fluid Management 16003189TBC
0Serres Nemo Dirt Strainer 35.4002.0 Suction & Fluid Management 16003190TBC
0Serres Nemo Electrical Control Box Suction & Fluid Management 15798723TBC
0Serres Nemo Electronic Latch Suction & Fluid Management 15798716TBC
0Serres Nemo Front Panel Suction & Fluid Management 15798719TBC
0Serres Nemo Inner Seal Suction & Fluid Management 15798713TBC
0Serres Nemo Mains Power Switch Suction & Fluid Management 15798730TBC
0Serres Nemo Microswitch Suction & Fluid Management 15798720TBC
0Serres Nemo Mounting Feet Suction & Fluid Management 15798726TBC
0Serres Nemo Outer Seal Suction & Fluid Management 15798714TBC
0Serres Nemo Small Parts Kit Suction & Fluid Management 15798728TBC
0Serres Nemo Solenoid Valve Assembly Suction & Fluid Management 15798708TBC
0Serres Nemo Solenoid Valve Coil Suction & Fluid Management 16003182TBC
0Serres Nemo Special Tool Suction & Fluid Management 15798727TBC
0Serres Nemo Stinger Bushing Kit Suction & Fluid Management 15798715TBC
0Serres Nemo Stinger Quide Suction & Fluid Management 15798729TBC
0Serres Nemo Stinger Seal Suction & Fluid Management 15798704TBC
0Serres Nemo Washing Tray Suction & Fluid Management 406005707TBC
0Serres Nemo Water Filter Suction & Fluid Management 15798721TBC
0Serres Nemo Water Level Sensors Suction & Fluid Management 15798707TBC
0Serres Nemo Water Pump Suction & Fluid Management 15798722TBC

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