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High-Quality Vascular Access Products for Improved Patient Care

Facilitate safe and effective vascular access with our high-quality products, including IV cannulas, syringes and needles, blood collection, needlefree devices and much more. Our reliable and durable vascular access devices are designed with patient and healthcare professional safety at the forefront of everything we do. In addition to our brochure below, our vascular access product categories are here in full detail.

As well as syringes within our vascular range, we also feature enteral syringes.


Cannulas GBUK Vascular offers a range of essential cannulas. Key products include the Nouvo Safety Set, Polywin PolySafety Blood Control, PolySafety Adva, and the Safety Winged Infusion Set, designed to [...]

Giving Sets

Giving Sets GBUK Vascular excels in providing essential giving sets. Their key products include Gravity Administration Sets, Gravity IV Sets, Blood Transfusion Sets, and Gravity Burette Sets. These sets are [...]


Arterial GBUK Vascular specialises in Arterial products, with key offerings including Pulset and A-line Syringes for Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) sampling, and Cannulas for peripheral arterial access, continuous monitoring of [...]

Fixation Devices & IV Dressings

Fixation Devices & IV Dressings GBUK Vascular offers a range of essential fixation devices and IV dressings. Key products include GBUK Securasite IV Transparent Film, Operfilm Protect CHG, Grip-Lok, Universal [...]

Needle Free & Extension Sets

Needle Free & Extension Sets GBUK Vascular offers essential needle-free and extension sets. Key products include Needle-Free Connectors, Needle-Free Extension Sets, Stopcocks, Bag Spikes, and Disinfection Caps. These UK-sourced solutions [...]

Blood Collection

Blood Collection GBUK Vascular has a vast range of blood collection products. Our main offerings include Safety Blood Collection Needles (and Sets), Blood Collection Tubes, Luer Adaptor, and Urine Collection [...]

Needles & Syringes

Needles & Syringes GBUK Vascular provides essential needles and syringes. Key products include Luer Lock Syringes, Luer Slip Syringes, Tuberculin Syringes, Hypodermic Non-Safety Needles, Hypodermic Safety Needles, Blunt Fill Needles, [...]


Diaphanoscope The ASTODIA® diaphanoscope makes it easy to find blood vessels for reliable venepuncture. Likewise, the ASTODIA enables the identification of air or liquid-filled structures deep below the skin’s surface [...]

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