Ensure optimal patient nutrition with our high-quality enteral feeding products, including feeding tubes, syringes, drainage bags, Enteral pH paper and full range of accessories. Our products are designed for ease of use, reliability and safety, and are ideal for healthcare professionals in hospitals, long-term care facilities and home healthcare settings.

Our range of Enteral Accessories includes: Fixation Devices, Enteral Extension Sets (Bifurcated Extension Set also available), Stepped Medicine Bottle Adaptor, ENFit Bottle Adaptors (available in singles and BNS), Enteral Connector Brush, Transition Adaptors, Y-Port Adaptor, Winged Luer Adaptor, Enteral/Oral Push Fit Caps, Enteral Caps, Filter Needles, and Medicine Straws.

Where applicable, our range of accessories are all ENFit® compliant, and adhere to the ISO 80369-3 standards.

GBUK Enteral’s range is free of latex and DEHP.

To view and download the Enteral Feeding Devices brochure, click here.

The NHS Supply Chain can help with ordering our Enteral Accessories along with our other product ranges.

Male ENFit® Cap

Male ENFit® Cap Male ENFit® Cap connector (ISO 80369-3) 50mm-150mm Secure syringe caps to allow medication or feed to be prepared in advance Available in sterile packs of 10 or [...]

Medicine Straw

Male ENFit® connector (ISO 80369-3) 50mm-150mm Available in various lengths Minimises medicine waste Improves dose accuracy Purple ENFit® connector

Filter Needle

Filter Needle Used to draw up and filter medication into an ENFit® syringe via a glass ampoule Ergonomic ridges on connector to allow easy connection/disconnection Commonly used with oral/enteral medication [...]

FreeArm Muscle

FreeArm Muscle The FreeArm Muscle lends a hand at the hospital, at home and on the go; clamps to flat surfaces and rounded bars up to 2 inches thick and [...]

Female ENFit® Caps

Female ENFit® Caps Female ENFit® caps close off extension tubing or similar female ENFit® connectors Female ENFit cap for securing Male ENFit connectors such as feeding tubes whilst not in [...]

Enteral / Oral Push Fit Cap

Push fit cap for Enteral / Oral tip Syringes

Winged Luer Adaptor

A 10 ml syringe with a Winged Luer Adapter is include with each AMT G-JET® Button and micro G-JET®.

Y-Port Adaptor

Y-Port Adaptor Double male ENFit® connector (ISO 80369-3), converts any ENFit® single port feeding tube to Y-Port, sterile Converts any ENFit® single port feeding tube to Y-port Double male ENFit® [...]

Transition Adaptors

Our transition adaptors are used to enable connections during the transition to ENFit® ISO 80369-3 ENFit® compatible Latex free Tethered Cap For more information surrounding ISO 80369-3, follow this link.

Enteral Connector Brush

Enteral Connector Brush For keeping ENFit® connectors & caps free of debris ENFit® connectors have larger and deeper grooves, meaning increased area for debris to collect and potentially cause connection [...]

ENFit® Bottle Adaptor

ENFit® Bottle Adaptor Bottle adaptor for use with ENFit® syringes available in sizes to fit most medicine bottles. Available in a range of sizes to fit the majority of medicine [...]

Medicine Bottle Adaptor

Medicine Bottle Adaptor Stepped Oral and Enteral Bottle Adaptor, 16-28mm, male ENFit® connector and Oral connector A cost-effective solution to last the lifetime of the bottle, once the bottle is [...]

Syringe Driver

Syringe Driver Enteral only syringe driver calibrated to Enteral ISOSAF syringes Regulates the delivery of fluids Rate or time delivery modes Bolus delivery option Log stores 1500 events Priming function [...]

Enteral Extension Sets

Intended to extend Enteral feeding tubes or for use with Syringe drivers.

Fixation Devices

Unique skin Fixation Devices systems to suit all tube fixation needs See our other Enteral Accessories and Feeding Tubes

AMT Bridle™

AMT Bridle™ When NG tubes won’t stay in place Bridle affords clinicians valuable time to determine the most appropriate nutritional program for their patients. Retrieval probe Replacement clips available Attached [...]

AMT Bridle Pro®

AMT Bridle Pro® When NG tubes won’t stay in place the Bridle affords clinicians valuable time to determine the most appropriate nutritional programme for their patients. AMT Bridle Pro is [...]

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