Slide Sheets

GBUK Banana specialises in slide sheet solutions to reduce the friction and shear during the task of moving and /or repositioning a patient on a surface . Key products include ECO Slide Sheets, SPU PATPAQs, Washable Slide Sheets, Versal Sheets, Transfer Sheets, and Disposable Slide Sheets.

Two Tone SPU Slide Sheet

SPU Two-Tone Slide Sheet

Versal Slide Sheet

Versal Sheet

Transfer Sheet

Transfer Sheet & Handles



Disposable Slide Sheet

Disposable Slide Sheets

Washable Slide Sheet

Washable Slide Sheets

SPU Tubular Slide Sheet

SPU Tubular Slide Sheets

SPU Flat Slide Sheet

SPU Flat Slide Sheets

ECO Slide Sheet

ECO Slide Sheets