GBUK Banana Patient Handling Slide sheets

Slide Sheets

GBUK Banana excels in slide sheet solutions, offering a variety of products: ECO, Single Patient Use (SPU), PATPAQs, Washable, Versal Sheets, Transfer Sheets, and Disposable Slide Sheets.

Our slide sheets streamline patient repositioning on flat surfaces, eliminating the need for lifting. This ensures safety for both patients and caregivers and plays a pivotal role in effective patient handling.


Sustainability is a core value at GBUK Banana. We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint and preserving the environment’s beauty, resources, and habitability. While acknowledging ongoing progress, we’re proud to have initiated this journey towards a more eco-conscious approach.

Our dedication to the environment is evident in our Eco-friendly Slide Sheets. Transitioning from standard SPU Slide Sheets to our Eco range empowers consumers to make responsible choices without compromising quality. We believe in providing options for environmentally conscious decisions while maintaining the high standards of our products.

As we evolve, our commitment to sustainability remains steadfast, driving positive impacts on the planet. We understand there’s more to achieve, but taking these steps positions us as contributors to a greener future. GBUK Banana is not just a provider of slide sheet solutions; we’re advocates for responsible choices that resonate with our commitment to quality and environmental well-being.

Award Winning

In 2020 GBUK Banana were honoured to receive the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category for our Versal Slide Sheet.

For more information surrounding our patient handling products, please see our brochure.

All our glide sheets are available on the NHS Supply Chain catalogue.

Disposable Slide Sheets

Disposable Slide Sheets The Disposable Slide Sheet is a strong triple layered waterproof sheet which is designed to maintain it’s integrity when wet and dry. Latex free GS1 compliant patient [...]

ECO Slide Sheets

ECO Slide Sheets Here are our ECO Slide Sheets where sustainability and taking responsibility for our carbon footprint is at the forefront. Sustainability is an important value that runs through [...]

SPU Flat Slide Sheets

SPU Flat Slide Sheets Our SPU Flat Slide Sheets are strong and durable. They are silicone coated on both sides which means that patients can be re-positioned with ease. This [...]


GBUKs single patient use patient care packs (SPU PATPAQs) make life easier and provide a solution for improving patient care and dignity. These packs can be hung on the end […]

SPU Tubular Slide Sheets

SPU Tubular Slide Sheets GBUKs SPU Tubular Slide Sheet's are strong and durable Latex free GS1 compliant patient label Loop hanger for storage options Available in a wide range of [...]

SPU Two-Tone Slide Sheet

SPU Two-Tone Slide Sheet The SPU Two-Tone slide sheet provides full bed coverage. Latex free 30cm length 100cm width covers full bed X-ray cassettes can be inserted into openings Coated [...]

Transfer Sheet & Handles

Transfer Sheet & Handles Transfer Sheet & Handles are a single patient use product and are ideally suited for busy operating departments where the patient is required to be laterally [...]

Versal Sheet

Versal Sheet Recognised for a Queen’s Award, Versal replaces the need for multiple flat or tubular slide sheets. Latex free GS1 compliant patient label Patented design Biodegradable packaging Storage bag [...]

Washable Slide Sheets

Washable Slide Sheets The Washable Slide Sheet is a remarkable durable hemmed slide sheet. Latex free GS1 compliant patient label Loop hanger for storage options Available in a wide range [...]

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