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GBUK Banana offers a range of transfer boards for efficient patient handling. Key products include the Flexible Roll Board, Lateral Transfer , Original Seated Board, Prime Board, and Q2 Seated Board. These UK-designed & Manufactured boards ensure smooth and secure patient transfers in healthcare environments.

GBUK Banana recognises the importance of providing effective solutions for patient transfers, and as part of our comprehensive range, we offer a variety of seated boards. These boards are designed to accommodate face-to-face or side-to-side transfers, allowing healthcare professionals to choose the most suitable option based on the patient’s needs and the transfer requirements.

Facilitating face-to-face or side-to-side transfers is essential not only for the comfort of the patient but also for the safety of both the patient and the caregiver. These boards minimise the physical strain on healthcare providers, promoting better ergonomics during transfers and helping reduce the risk of injuries.

A lateral board is a specialised medical device designed to assist healthcare professionals in moving patients horizontally from one surface to another, such as from a bed to a stretcher or an operating table. These boards play a crucial role in minimising the physical strain on both patients and caregivers during lateral transfers, ensuring a smoother and safer process.

By offering a range of boards, GBUK Banana acknowledges the diversity of patient needs and the varying requirements of healthcare settings. Whether for use in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, or home care environments, GBUK Banana’s boards contribute to a more efficient and dignified transfer experience.

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Seated Transfer Boards

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Lateral Transfer Board

Lateral Transfer Board The lateral transfer boards are designed to bridge a gap between surfaces to allow a lateral transfer to be completed smoothly. Latex free GS1 compliant patient label [...]

Flexible Roll Board

Flexible Roll Board The Flexible Roll Board is lightweight and comes with a handy storage bag which makes this an ideal product for acute and community use. Latex free GS1 [...]

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