ASTOPAD™ Resistive Patient Warming System

ASTOPAD™ Resistive Patient Warming System

ASTOPAD™: A flexible, conductive, reusable patient warming system, that is simple to use, safe and economical

The Astopad system can be used throughout the perioperative pathway, from the anaesthetic room into recovery, and contributes to improving the well-being of the patient by maintaining normothermia and reducing the negative effects of perioperative hypothermia. Combined with a visco-elastic operating table pad, it also provides prevention against decubitus

Available in the UK

Available in the UK

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Not Available in the USA

Not available in the USA

Two Astopad blankets and mattresses can be independently controlled using the Astopad DUO310 control unit. The patient can be simultaneously warmed from above and below. The temperature setting in the range from 32 – 39°C can be individually set in precise 0.5°C steps for each blanket. All high and low temperature alarms are continuously monitored by the control unit. The illuminated display and simple operation ensure safe use of the Astopad patient warming system

Astopad DUO310 control units include an integrated rechargeable battery, providing 2 hours of continuous use

The heat is generated by a protective 24 Volt low voltage system and a net of carbon fibre, that is permeable to X-ray and contains 8 temperature sensors to ensure precise temperature control and safety

All Astopad blankets can be cleaned and disinfected. Optional reusable covers and fixation covers, can be washed at 95°C and disinfected

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Product Brochure

Product Codes

SizeProduct DescriptionUOIProduct CodeNHSSC
Resistive Warming Device. Controller (100V - 240V, 50-60Hz)1DUO310-UK
2mStandard Extension Connection Cable1COV50200
4mStandard Extension Connection Cable1COV50400
Stand Astostand STA100 Infusion Stand 1STA100

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