Blanketrol System Blankets & Pads

Blanketrol System Blankets & Pads

Blankets designed for nearly any scenario

The Gentherm portfolio of water blankets includes convenient, pre-packaged kits as well as single-use options in a variety of sizes for adult, paediatric and neonatal use.

Note: Other manufacturers’ blankets have not been tested for safety or performance. Only Gentherm blankets should be used with the Blanketrol device

Available in the UK

Available in the UK

Nor Available Internationally

Not available Internationally

Not Available in the USA

Not available in the USA

Maxi-Therm® Lite. The strong bonded, random flow pattern of the Maxi-Therm Lite blankets allows for the blankets to be positioned over or under a patient while maintaining even temperature distribution. They are covered on both sides in a soft, lightweight material that’s comfortable against a patient’s skin and the self-sealing hose connections make it mess-free for clinicians to use. Multiple sizes available

Kool-Kit® The Kool-Kit includes multiple blankets to maximise body surface coverage and accurate temperature control for both cooling and warming. The convenience of the Kool-Kit provides caregivers with all of the materials necessary to deliver therapy. Various configurations available

Kool-Kit® Neonate The Kool-Kit Neonate System includes the necessary supplies to provide accurate patient temperature management and induced hypothermia for neonates. The Kool-Kit comes with a blanket, temperature probe, mittens and socks to allow for family contact without compromising patient temperature

Alternatively, to view our full surgical & critical care products, see our brochure or go to the Surgical & Critical Care page.

Product Brochure

Product Codes

SizeProduct DescriptionUOIProduct CodeNHSSC
Adult Blanket 25” x 64” (63.5cm x 162.6cm)182876
Paediatric Blanket 25” x 33” (63.5cm x 83.8cm)182874
Infant Blanket 12.5” x 18” (31.8cm x 45.7cm)182873
Localised Therapy Pad 19” x 25.68” (48.26cm x 60.15cm)182872
Head Wrap, Patient Vest, Lower Body Blanket182900*
Head Wrap, Lower Body Blanket182910**
Patient Vest, Lower Body Blanket182920**
Large Kool-Kit Head Wrap, Patient Vest, Full Body Blanket182930*
Lower Body Blanket, Esophageal/Rectal Temperature Probe, one set of booties and mittens182950

Must purchase connecting hose (93824) to run blanket with gentherm equipment

* Must purchase three (3) connecting hoses (93824) to run 82900 and 82930 with the Blanketrol III

** Must purchase two (2) connecting hoses (93824) to run 82910 and 82920 with the Blanketrol III

Must purchase connecting hose (93824) to run Kool-Kit Neonate with the Blanketrol III

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