GBUK Securasite Protect IV

GBUK Securasite Protect IV

Reinforced transparent dressing for catheter fixation and insertion site protection.

  • Permeable to moisture while impervious to liquids and microorganisms
    GBUK Securasite Protect IV features one of the highest breathability rates among fastening dressings.¹ The semi-permeable PU film ensures a smooth exchange of moisture and air while keeping the patient’s skin protected from unwanted external agents, thus reducing the risk of infection.
  • Easy and safe application
    Designed for a comfortable and aseptic application, ensuring the sterility of the dressing while being applied.
  • Next generation adhesion
    GBUK Securasite Protect IV features a hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive, solvent free, specifically developed to offer maximum safety and durability.

  • Secure catheter attachment
    In addition to its own formulation adhesive, Securasite Protect IV includes two strips of nonwoven fabric used to secure the catheter and minimize the risk of mechanical phlebitis and extravasation. An identification strip is also included to note the date of application

Available in the UK

Available in the UK

Nor Available Internationally

Not available Internationally

Not Available in the USA

Not available in the USA

Reinforced transparent dressing for catheter fixation and insertion site protection.

1MVTR> 1,400 gr/m2 x 24 h according to UNE-EN 13726-2 – water vapor method. Tested by a certified external laboratory

Product Brochure

Product Codes

SizeProduct DescriptionRecommended IndicationsUOIProduct CodeNHSSC
5cm x 5.7cmGBUK Securasite Protect IVPIVC100OPIVD-0557ELW85049
7cm x 8.5cmGBUK Securasite Protect IVCVC - PICC100OPIVD-7885ELW85045
8.5cm x 10.5cmGBUK Securasite Protect IVCVC - PICC50OPIVD-85105ELW85045
11cm x 14cmGBUK Securasite Protect IVCVC - PICC25OPIVD-1114ELW85045

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