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Generic Drains

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Available in the UK

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Not available in the USA

Our Generic Drain range includes Redon PVC, Jackson-Pratt, T-Kehr, Pre-cut silicone and Penrose Drains and Drainage Collection Bags.

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Product Codes

Redon PVC Drains

SizeProduct DescriptionUOIProduct CodeNHSSC
6FrRedon PVC Wound Drain - 6Fr10024020FWX5153
8FrRedon PVC Wound Drain - 8Fr10024022FWX5135
10FrRedon PVC Wound Drain - 10Fr10024032FWX5152
12FrRedon PVC Wound Drain - 12Fr10024042FWX5151
14FrRedon PVC Wound Drain - 14Fr10024047TBC
16FrRedon PVC Wound Drain - 16Fr5024057FWX5133
18FrRedon PVC Wound Drain - 18Fr5024060FWX5150
6FrRedon PVC Wound Drain with trocar - 6Fr2524006TBC
8FrRedon PVC Wound Drain with trocar - 8Fr2524007FWX5159
10FrRedon PVC Wound Drain with trocar - 10Fr2524010FWX5158
12FrRedon PVC Wound Drain with trocar - 12Fr2524013FWX5157
14FrRedon PVC Wound Drain with trocar - 14Fr2524014FWX5156
16FrRedon PVC Wound Drain with trocar - 16Fr2524017FWX5155
18FrRedon PVC Wound Drain with trocar - 18Fr2524018FWX5154

Jackson-Pratt Drains

SizeProduct DescriptionUOIProduct CodeNHSSC
3 x 7mm Flat Silicone Drain 3 x 7mm 2024110FWX85001
4 x 10mmFlat Silicone Drain 4 x 10mm2024130FWX965
4 x 13mmFlat Silicone Drain 4 x 13mm2024140FWX5149
3 x 7mm Flat Silicone Drain with trocar 3 x 7mm2024111TBC
4 x 10mmFlat Silicone Drain with trocar 4 x10mm2024131FWX85000
4 x 13mmFlat Silicone Drain with trocar 4 x 13mm2024141FWX5148
7FrRound Silicone Drain - 7Fr2024200TBC
10FrRound Silicone Drain - 10Fr2024210TBC
15FrRound Silicone Drain - 15Fr2024220FWX968
19FrRound Silicone Drain - 19Fr2024230FWX85013
7FrRound Silicone Drain with trocar - 7Fr2024201TBC
10FrRound Silicone Drain with trocar - 10Fr2024211FWX85002
15FrRound Silicone Drain with trocar - 15Fr2024221FWX5147
19FrRound Silicone Drain with trocar - 19Fr2024231TBC

T-Kehr Drains

SizeProduct DescriptionUOIProduct CodeNHSSC
9FrSilicone Biliary Drain - 9Fr2024409FWX900
12FrSilicone Biliary Drain - 12Fr2024412FWX368
15FrSilicone Biliary Drain - 15Fr2024415FWX369
18FrSilicone Biliary Drain - 18Fr2024418FWX370
21FrSilicone Biliary Drain - 21Fr2024421FWX371
24FrSilicone Biliary Drain - 24Fr2024424FWX5108

Penrose Drains

SizeProduct DescriptionUOIProduct CodeNHSSC
50cm x 6mmSilicone Drain 50cm x 6mm2022006FWX5166
50cm x 8mmSilicone Drain 50cm x 8mm2022008TBC
50cm x 10mmSilicone Drain 50cm x 10mm2022010FWX5138
50cm x 12mmSilicone Drain 50cm x 12mm2022012FWX5165
50cm x 14mmSilicone Drain 50cm x 14mm2022014FWX5137
50cm x 16mmSilicone Drain 50cm x 16mm2022016FWX5164
50cm x 40mmSilicone Drain 50cm x 40mm (open - flat strip, not tube)2022040FWX5074

Pre-Cut Silicone Drains

SizeProduct DescriptionUOIProduct CodeNHSSC
9FrPre-Cut Silicone Drains 9Fr2024309FWX5113
12FrPre-Cut Silicone Drains 12Fr2024312FWX5112
15FrPre-Cut Silicone Drains 15Fr2024315FWX5111
18FrPre-Cut Silicone Drains 18Fr2024318FWX976
21FrPre-Cut Silicone Drains 21Fr2024321FWX977
24FrPre-Cut Silicone Drains 24Fr2024324FWX978
28FrPre-Cut Silicone Drains 28Fr2024328FWX979
30FrPre-Cut Silicone Drains 30Fr2024330TBC
33FrPre-Cut Silicone Drains 33Fr2024333FWX5110
36FrPre-Cut Silicone Drains 36Fr2024336FWX5109

Drainage Collection Bags

SizeProduct DescriptionUOIProduct CodeNHSSC
600ml bag with tap(with an adapter for silicone drains & a stepped adapter for PVC drains up to 24Fr)2512020FWX957
600ml bag with tap(with an adapter for silicone drains & a stepped adapter for PVC drains up to 24Fr)2512010FWX5207

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