Polycan Safety

Polycan Safety Cannula

The Polycan Safety is an IV cannula without a port

  • Sharp steel needle for smooth atraumatic insertion
  • 3rd Generation Polyurethane catheter is softer and more flexible, reducing the risk of mechanical phlebitis allowing longer indwelling times
  • Colour coded push off plate for easy insertion
  • Self-activating safety mechanism prevents needlestick injury
  • The needle safety guard material creates less friction during needle removal. It fully encapsulates the needle bevel minimising blood exposure
Available in the UK

Available in the UK

Nor Available Internationally

Not available Internationally

Not Available in the USA

Not available in the USA

Safety IV Cannula without Port

Not only do we have the Polycan Safety, but we also have the Nouvo Safety Set, Polywin Safety and PolySafety Blood Control in our cannula product range.

Product Brochure

Product Codes

SizeProduct DescriptionUOIProduct CodeNHSSC
14G x 45mmPolycan Safety Cannulas 14G x 45mm100SICSW1445PFSP20013
16G x 45mmPolycan Safety Cannulas 16G x 45mm100SICSW1645PFSP20015
17G x 45mmPolycan Safety Cannulas 17G x 45mm100SICSW1745PTBC
18G x 32mmPolycan Safety Cannulas 18G x 32mm100SICSW1832PFSP20017
18G x 45mmPolycan Safety Cannulas 18G x 45mm100SICSW1845PFSP20053
20G x 32mmPolycan Safety Cannulas 20G x 32mm100SICSW2032PFSP20055
22G x 25mmPolycan Safety Cannulas 22G x 25mm100SICSW2225PFSP4953
24G x 19mmPolycan Safety Cannulas 24G x 19mm100SICSW2419PFSP20057

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